Our Philosophy

Sorrow and suffering are an inescapable reality of human existence. We believe the task we face is to find ourselves rather than lose ourselves in that suffering. Suffering can take on a myriad of forms and variations: trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, struggles with sexuality and struggles with emotional and relational closeness. The suffering we experience can cause us to become estranged from how precious we are. Until we face our suffering in a way that is brutally honest and endlessly compassionate, we are at risk of gravitating to ineffective coping mechanisms– such as anxiety, isolation and self-medication– that perpetuate, rather than heal suffering.

We do not preach and we do not proselytize. Spirituality is integrated (or not integrated) into the therapeutic process only in the manner directed by our clients.  We seek to understand how a person’s faith is either a resource in their healing or a source of tension contributing to their conflicts. Once we have developed a mutual understanding of the role of spirituality in counseling, we seek to help integrate that understanding into the strategies we use to meet our goals.

Christian Spirituality

When Jesus announced his public ministry He proclaimed His purpose was to set the captives free. At Hosanna Christian Counseling, our goal is to help you experience deep healing and freedom. We dedicate ourselves to integrating these deeply spiritual notions about freedom with scientifically proven modalities of treatment. We see a therapeutic path to healing as spiritually congruent, rather than at odds with spirituality.

The goal of Christian spirituality is not to abide by a religious laundry list; it is not even to do what Jesus did, but rather to be as He was. Jesus was the most free, whole and authentic person who ever walked the planet. We believe the aim of therapy is to help our clients to become as free, whole and authentic as He was.


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